About Us


Locksmith Pretoria have been on operation for more than 35 years and this means that our experience is the best and our service is professional and at the very best. Our highly trained team are here to assist you with any lock or key problem you may have.  As we have been in operation for many years, our experience with all types of locks and keys is very high and we know how to deal with all situations. We will advise you as well in the best options, whether your door lock needs to be replaced or if it can be repaired.  We also assist in cutting new set of keys which can be done at our branch or on site at your premises. Our highly trained call centre are waiting to take your call and assist with sending out a locksmith to you.  Our Locksmith Pretoria will ask a few simple questions before dispatching one of our highly trained locksmiths to you.

Locksmith Pretoria don’t only just assist with home locks, we also  assist with car locks and safe locks. Car Locks can be replaced by us as well as safe locks. Safe locks can be very tricky but as we have been operating for many years we have dealt with many different safe locks and are sure that we are able to help with your safe lock situation. If  you have locked your keys in your vehicle, Locksmith Pretoria can assist in unlocking your vehicles door, we have all the correct tools needed for every job required, whether it is home locks, safe locks or car locks. So let Locksmith Pretoria assist you today with any lock situation that you may have.