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Safes can be very tricky and will need a very experienced locksmith to open the lock.  Not to worry Ecu programming Moreleta Park is here to assist you with all the safe lock situations.  We understand the urgency to get your safe opened or have a new set of keys cut as a lot of valuables are place in a safe.  We assist with all makes of safes and will be able to assist you with any problem faced.

We are affordable and reliable and all our locksmiths are professional and qualified in all locks on safes.  ECU Repairs Moreleta Park  have many years of experience behind us. It may seem impossible to open a safe, but Ecu programming Moreleta Park have all the correct tools needed and know the few tricks to the trade when it comes to safes. We are also able to replace the locks on the safes.  We are mobile and carry all the correct tools needed.

Ecu programming Moreleta Park have one of the best safe technicians needed for these type of jobs.  Our Locksmith will advise on the best option for your safe, whether the safe lock needs to be replaced or if it can be repaired. We can also cut new set of keys on site for your safe. Our locksmith can also replace the combinations mechanism on your safe. ECU Repairs Moreleta Park can also override the lock making it easier to open the safe. We will also be able to reset the combination on your safe shall it be a digital or turnkey safe. If you are facing any of these lock problems on your safe we advise to call us instead of fiddling any further with the lock that may cause further damage.  We will dispatch a safe locksmith to you immediately.