Q: How long does it take a locksmith to open your door?

A: This is all dependant on the situation, whether the locks needs to be replaced or if they can fix it on site. The situation determines how long each job will take.

Q: If I need a new set of car keys cut can a locksmith assist with that?

A: Yes, a locksmith can assist with cutting a new set of car keys for you, however this depends on the car key required, you may need a remote which may need to be programmed by the car dealership.

Q:  What is the locksmith price?

A: The price determines on the job required. Each locksmith company charges different rates.  As the locksmith to quote you first so that you can get an idea of pricing.

Q: Can locksmiths install security locks?

A: Yes, most locksmith companies are trained in installing high security locks.

Q: Are locksmiths 24 hours?

A: Most locksmith companies work 24 hours as a situation can occur anytime of the day.

Q: Do locksmiths have all the correct tools?

A: Yes all locksmiths carry with them the correct tools needed for each job, and are highly trained in what tools are needed for each job.

Q: Can a locksmith cut any key required?

A: Yes a locksmith can cut any specific key needed, however this is also dependent on what key is needed to be cut, for instance if it is a remote key for a vehicle, this may  require the job of the car dealership. But any key required for homes, offices and safes can be cut.

Q: Can a locksmith make any door key without having the original set of keys?

A: Yes a locksmith can assist in cutting a set of keys without the original key set, however the locksmith will require a bit of information to make sure he has the correct information needed to cut the key correctly.